Meet Our Core Team

Kayla Booth, PhD
Dr. Kayla Booth is the Director and Co-PI of the iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3) and an Assistant Research Professor at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Computing and Information. In her role as Director, she oversees curriculum development, program evaluation, recruitment and marketing, student research project management, alumni development, and all grant-related activities. Prior to her role as Director, she served as a 2016 PhD Teaching Fellow and the program’s Assistant Director. Dr. Booth’s background spans across STEM, social sciences, and the humanities with BAs in English and Communication (Rutgers University) and a PhD in Information Sciences and Technology (the Pennsylvania State University). In her research, Dr. Booth designs, implements, and evaluates education and health interventions geared towards marginalized youth populations. Some of her current projects include examinations of how teens’ evaluate the quality of fitness information on social media platforms, the design and evaluation of transformational games aimed to enhance medication adherence in adolescent Cystic Fibrosis patients, and the evaluation of technological teen suicide prevention interventions.
Elizabeth Eikey, PhD
Assistant Director
Dr. Elizabeth Eikey is the Assistant Director and Co-PI of the iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3) and a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Informatics and the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). Prior to her role as Assistant Director, she served as a research advisor for i3. Dr. Eikey is an active researcher and mentor, leading the Mental Health in Design (MiD) Virtual Lab, which brings together diverse students and non-students from across the country interested in mental health. Her research broadly focuses on understanding users' emotions, cognitive processes, and overall perceptions and experiences when engaging with digital tools, such as self-tracking apps, to support their health. Dr. Eikey's current projects include, assessing rumination when engaging with personal health data, exploring existing self-management practices among college students with depression, and evaluating the use and effectiveness of mental health apps in community settings. Prior to being a post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Eikey was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to complete her PhD in Information Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University, where she also obtained a BS in Psychology.
Joe Sanchez, PhD
Evaluation Coordinator
Dr Joe Sanchez is an Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies at Queens College in New York City. His research focus is to facilitate the learning of emerging digital literacies in libraries and to improve retention and representation of people of color in the Information Sciences. Dr. Sanchez is a Fellow in the Libraries Read to Code program working with Google and the American Library Association to design learning environments that facilitate computational thinking and a Mellon Foundation Fellow investigating the information practices of Mexican-American High School students.
Aderin Falana
Alumni Coordinator
Aderin works as a Systems Analyst at UPMC Health Plan on various projects related to data integrity, system integrations, and process improvements as it relates to data transformation as well as end user satisfaction in the health insurance field. Aderin completed her BS in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh, and her MS in Health Care Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon's Heinz College. She first became involved with i3 in as a student scholar in 2015. In her free time, Aderin enjoys perfecting her macarons and experimenting with cupcake recipes.
Anthony Pinter
Curriculum Coordinator
Anthony Pinter is a PhD student in Information Science at the University of Colorado, where he studies online audiences' interpretations of identity and identity shifts. At CU Boulder, he works with Dr. Jed Brubaker and the Identity Lab. Anthony completed his BS and MS, also in Information Science, from the Pennsylvania State University, where he was first introduced to the i3 Institute by Dr. Lynette Yarger. He was an i3 Teaching Fellow in 2017 and a Research Mentor to the 2018 cohort. Outside of his doctoral and i3 work, he is an avid road and mountain biker, coaches high school track, and is a total music geek.

In addition to the Core Team, the iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3) is supported by our amazing i3 family and affiliates.