i3 successfully completed its first-ever crowdfunding campaign by raising $5,040—126% of its goal! An impressive 95 donors contributed to the campaign, resulting in an average contribution of $53.05. Donors included many of our i3 alumni, teaching fellows, and guest speakers. The campaign was hosted on the University of Pittsburgh’s EngagePitt platform and was managed by a core team of i3 alumni, including Marcia McIntosh (’11), Twanna Hodge (’11), Mandi Gonzalez (’12), Hannah Hiles (’13 and Alumni Association President), and Brenasia Ward-Caldwell (’14).

All of the funds raised by the campaign will go to supporting current and future i3 Scholars. Our goal is to keep i3 free for all students and ensure that the information sciences continue to become a truly diverse and inclusive field.

Thank you to everyone who donated—your support is appreciated!