Olliverre, R., Younge, L., Robles, D., Guerrero, D., Adam, M., & Carter, D. (2017). Labor in the Gig Economy: Opportunities for Information Studies. In iConference 2017 Proceedings (pp. 820-825).

Research Advisor: Daniel Carter, School of Information Studies, University of Texas, Austin

The gig economy refers to a system in which independent workers perform short-term contracts, or “gigs.” Because these contracts are managed through online applications, understanding information systems has become crucial to understanding emerging forms of work and labor. This poster examines the scholarly discussion surrounding labor in order to understand how scholars in the field of information studies have engaged with the concept of labor. We conducted a literature review of ­­articles published by JASIST, iConference, CSCW and CHI and found that the discussion of labor was minimal. Although there has been a slight increase in interest in labor in recent years, there has been very little research pertaining specifically to the gig economy. As the number of workers participating in the gig economy continues to grow, however, we suggest that information studies scholars are ideally positioned to contribute to future discussions of labor.

Presented at iConference 2017