i3 is going on a road trip—admittedly a very short one—to Penn State’s College of Information Science and Technology in State College, PA. On October 25 Michael Depew, i3 Director, will present to students a professional development workshop on resume and cover letter building. Going beyond the basic dos and don’ts of resume building, this presentation will show students how to assess their skills and create context for their personal brands. Students will learn how to qualify their accomplishments with data, capture the attention of employers through writing style and tone, identify employers’ needs through online and offline research, customize resumes and cover letters for different employers, and create consistency between a resume and cover letter.

Later that day, Depew will be joined by 2016 i3 PhD Teaching Fellow and Penn State doctoral candidate, Kayla Booth, to host an information session about i3. Students will learn about graduate school opportunities and what the i3 admissions committee looks for when reviewing applications. Students from all majors are welcome to attend.