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Academic Partnerships

  • Coming soon – Subscribe to your recruitment email lists
  • Gain access to the i3 online resume book for further direct recruitment (>200 alumni)
  • Present an institute workshop, luncheon, or networking event: Engage with new and returning cohorts of i3 Scholars (25-50 students) during a 60-90 minute session on a professional development topic, highlighting your programs and opportunities (June-July)
  • Attend the annual i3 Alumni Reunion: Engage with 50 i3 Scholars & PhD Teaching Fellows and distribute marketing materials or giveaways (July)
  • Attend the biennial BUILD Summit: Engage with 100+ i3 Scholars, PhD Teaching Fellows, and Faculty and distribute marketing materials or giveaways (July every other year)
  • Create an exclusive “i3 Graduate Program Scholarship”: Our partners create scholarships that are only eligible only to i3 Scholars who apply and are admitted to their graduate programs. These can range in size and can be adjusted based on merit. You can attract i3 Scholars from across the country who are considering their graduate school options and may not know about your school.
  • Waive graduate program application fees for i3 Scholars

For more information, contact us by emailing Dr. Kayla Booth.


Meet Our Partners: