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2011 Cohort

Ben Baltes University of Texas at Austin
Computer Science
Janessa Benn North Carolina A&T State University
Civil Engineering
Joshua Cartagena Rutgers University
Information Technology & Informatics
Clea Counts Drexel University; Miami University of Ohio
Library and Information Science; English Language Arts Instruction (BA)
Justin Grayman University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Computer Science
Olivia Green University of Pittsburgh
Information Science and Marketing
Mavis Gyamera University of Pittsburgh
Public Health
Oliver Haimson University of California, Irvine; Carnegie Mellon University
Informatics (PhD); Economics (BS)
Sam Hickson Rutgers University
Twanna Hodge University of Washington; University of the Virgin Islands
Library and Information Science; Humanities (BA)
Malachi Jones Randolph Community College
Business Administration
Daniel Knopp University of Maryland Baltimore County
Public Policy; Political Science
Bradley Kuykendall University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Lincoln University
Library and Information Science; Business Administration and Library Science
Marcia Mcintosh University of Texas at Austin; Washington University
Information Studies; English Literature and African Studies
Alejandra Mendoza Carnegie Mellon University
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Toni Pizza New York University; Colorado College
Game Design (MFA); Sociology (BA)
Paris Smith North Carolina State University
Business Administration and Information Technology
Guadalupe Soto University of California, Santa Barbara
Randel Tomina Michigan State University
Computer Science and Finance


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