Application Form Instructions: 

All required application materials are submitted via one application form (linked below). This form includes:

A number of questions about applicants’ academic interests and experiences.

A space for applicants to upload their undergraduate transcripts (unofficial copies are accepted).

Three short essay questions (400 please limit your responses to 400 words per question):

  1. Graduate school programs often provide students with unique opportunities to work on projects that require a high level of planning, collaboration, and attention to detail. Describe a challenge you have faced in your life that has prepared you for such projects.
  2. The information sciences focus on helping people to discover better information, design and use better technology, and make better decisions to solve problems. Whether those problems are in business, medicine, education, the arts, or any number of other fields, information professionals are able to grapple with the challenges and opportunities of the digital age. What about the information sciences do you find interesting and would like to explore?
  3. One of the goals of i3 is to increase the representation of graduate students, faculty members, and information professionals who reflect the diversity of the overall population and who can serve as role models for future generations. Please tell us why you think that this is important and how you could contribute to this effort.

Please note that the application form does not have a “save” option. We encourage applicants to write and edit their essay responses elsewhere and paste their final versions in the application form.

Application Form:

Fill out and submit your application here: