Packing & Prohibited Items Check List

Please remember that Austin in the summer is very hot. Keep this in mind when packing clothes and be sure to bring sunblock and stay hydrated. Reusable water bottles will be provided for each i3 Scholar.

Each dorm room is equipped with a mini-fridge/microwave combination. Bedding (sheets, a pillow, and a thin blanket) will be provided. One handsoap pump will also be provided.

Laundry rooms are available in the dorm. Laundry is free of charge with your campus card.

Towels are not provided.

Masking and testing for COVID-19 is strongly encouraged.

Items to PackDescription
Casual attireShorts, t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirt, etc.Casual attire will be suitable for most days and evenings
Formal attireClothing suitable for an interview or formal eventFormal attire will be required one or two days per week
FootwearTennis shoes, dress shoes, sandalsSocial events may include paddle boarding/kayaking, a trip to an amusement park, formal banquets, museum tours, etc.
Bathing suit
Classroom suppliesPen/pencil, notebookStudents will receive a binder with orientation materials and to hold handouts
Laptop and chargerChromebooks are not recommendedLaptops will be required each day and will need to be able to install a variety of types of software
Cell phone and charger
MasksWearing masks for COVID-19 is not required but encouraged. You may bring masks or some can be provided to you.
IdentificationDriver's license, passport2 forms of identification are encouraged
MoneyCredit card and/or cashStudents should receive their first i3 payment prior to arrival.
Clothing hangers
Laundry suppliesDetergent, dryer sheetsLaundry will be available in campus dorms for free.
Towels and washclothsBath towels, hand towels, and washclothsTowels and washcloths are NOT provided by campus housing.
BeddingOptionalSheets, a pillow, and a thin blanket are provided by campus housing. Students who may be concerned about being cold at night are encouraged to bring an additional blanket.
Personal toiletriesHand sanitizer, soap, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush/comb, lotion, etc.In addition to general personal toiletries: Please keep in mind that Austin is very hot in the summer, so please pack sunscreen, hat, and other sun protection.
OtherPrescription medications, umbrella, etc.
Prohibited Items
Halogen lamps consuming more than 120 watts of power
(This includes most torchère-type fixtures. Paper lanterns and holiday lights are not permitted. Placing cloth or paper over lighting is not permitted.)
Candles or incenseSmoking of any kind in university buildings
Toaster ovensSpace heatersHomemade or commercially made furniture, including loft beds, dressers, and desks
ToastersAir conditionersWater beds
Hot platesHalogen or high-intensity quartz light fixtures (torchiere) and lava lampsExterior radio/TV aerials
Cup warmersExtension cords (power strips with surge protectors are acceptable)Controlled substances
Gas grillsCoffee makers with burnersFireworks, firecrackers, poppers, explosives
Indoor grillsRice cookersAmmunition
SteamersInduction cooktopsFirearms or any other weapons
Open-flame cooking devices, heating units, etc.Unauthorized petsOperation of drones