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Industry Partnerships

  • Coming Soon – Subscribe to your recruitment email lists
  • Gain access to the i3 online resume book for further direct recruitment (>200 alumni)
  • Present an institute workshop, luncheon, or networking event: Engage with new and returning cohorts of i3 Scholars (25-50 students) during a 60-90 minute session on a professional development topic, highlighting your programs and opportunities (June-July)
  • Attend the annual i3 Alumni Reunion: Engage with 50 i3 Scholars & PhD Teaching Fellows and distribute marketing materials or giveaways (July)
  • Attend the BUILD Summit: Engage with 100+ i3 Scholars, PhD Teaching Fellows, and Faculty and distribute marketing materials or giveaways (July every other year)

For more information, contact us by emailing Dr. Kayla Booth.