Toni Pizza, 2011 i3 Scholar

ANIMAL’s feature Game Plan asks video game developers to share a bit about their process and some working images from the creation of a recent game. This week, we spoke with Toni Pizza, Diego Garcia and Aaron Freedman about Sunburn, an adorable game about a crew of astronauts determined to die in a blaze of togetherness.

Ray Bradbury’s short story “Kaleidoscope” was first published in October 1949 in a pulp science fiction magazine called Thrilling Wonder Stories. It describes the conversation among several astronauts as they hurtle through space following the destruction of their “rocket,” in Bradbury’s parlance. This story has inspired countless works of fiction, including comic books, plays and films, and we can now add video games to that list, thanks to three recently graduated game developers who’ve devoted their summer to creating the iOS game Sunburn.

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