iDiscover: Inspiring Youth to Pursue STEM

Knopp, D., Green, O., & Counts, C. (2013). iDiscover: Inspiring youth to pursue STEM. iConference 2013 Proceedings (pp. 654-656). doi:10.9776/13249

This program was an experiment started in 2011 to look into the ways that we can diversify the STEM pipeline by targeting a group of middle-school students in Baltimore, Maryland. We also introduced Information Sciences principles during our presentation, but were limited by the near-complete lack of understanding about Information Sciences by the students at this public school. We worked with several sources to develop a set of handouts and materials that we hoped would assist the students in pursuing STEM and Information Sciences in college. Surveys were administered to gather preliminary data on our efforts. We then created a Wiki ( where further development of the project from other parties can continue.

Presented at iConference 2013