i3 Scholars: Glen Jenkins II, Eugene Nichols III, Maddie Poldruhi, Eric Rivera, Chelsea Ward

Research Advisor: Anthony Pinter, PhD Student, University of Colorado Boulder



The Black at the End of the Rainbow: Online Discrimination Among LGBTQ African Americans

Eric J. Rivera, Madeline L. Poldruhi, Chelsea R. Ward, Glen E. Jenkins II, Eugene Nichols, III, Anthony T. Pinter. iConference 2019. Washington, DC, USA.

Abstract: Both the LGBTQ and African-American communities are marginalized and at greater risk of both online and offline discrimination when compared to the non-LGBTQ and white communities; yet little is known about the LGBTQ and African-American intersectional community’s online experiences with discrimination. Extant literature indicates that this discrimination has negative consequences on mental health and identity. In this literature review, we present a synthesis of the existing research at the intersection of these identities to inform how online community-based sites and social media platforms serve as both spaces of victimization, as well as environments of support. Altogether, we found that past research has primarily focused on these communities separately, and the research that exists about African-Americans in the LGBTQ community mainly studies the intersectionality of these identities offline and information seeking behaviors around HIV. Our literature review indicates that further research is necessary to study the online experiences of these online users and the potential effects on mental health.