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Research Advisor: Dr. Cristina Robles Bahm, Assistant Professor, Information Systems and Technology, LaRoche College



A Study of ELL Adult’s Use of Mobile Communication Applications: an Examination of Tie Strength

Lopez, Diane; Sugatan, Carlo; Abdirahman, Ahmed; Randall, Virginia; Ho Liu, Alexis; Robles Bahm, Cristina. In iConference 2018 Proceedings. Sheffield, UK.

Abstract: This study begins to examine the problems that surround the usability and design of mobile communication applications for E.L.L (English Language Learner) immigrant adults in the United States by looking at the intent of this population when using phones. A user study was conducted where ELL immigrant adults answered questions about their mobile phone use. The results show that ELL immigrant adults use their smart phones daily and communicate with their friends and family, showing that maintenance of strong ties is important to this community. We hope this study moves towards an inclusive application that takes into account the relationship maintenance needs of this community.


Understanding ESL Adults’ Decisions in Mobile Communication Apps: Towards the Development of an Inclusive App

Randall, V., Abdirahman, A., Ho-Liu, A., Lopez, D., Sugatan, C., & Bahm, C. R. In iConference 2017 Proceedings (pp. 641-644). https://doi.org/10.9776/17309

Abstract: Individuals in the English as a Second Language (ESL) immigrant community are one of the many affected by the “digital divide.” However, the prevalence of mobile technology has helped bridge this gap. It has been found that decision support systems can be used to connect to ESL immigrant adults’ information needs. Mobile application usability and design can also provide information on how users approach certain mobile applications.  By exploring these relationships between decision support systems and usability of application design, this poster can help inform application developers with best practices in design and potentially work towards an inclusive communication application.