i3 Scholars: Zachery Brinner, Herminio Bodon, Paige Franjione, Jalin Parker, Chelsea Sanchez

Research Advisor: Dr. Cristina Robles Bahm, Assistant Professor, La Roche College



Understanding Landmarks in Spatial Information: Does Sentiment Provide Enough Context?

Chelsea Sanchez, Paige Franjione, Jalin Parker, Zachery Brinner, Herminio Bodon, and Cristina Bahm. iConference 2019. Washington, DC, USA.

Abstract: This literature review focuses on combining spatial information communi-cated about a landmark and sentiment analysis techniques. In spatial infor-mation processing literature, the definition of a landmark remains elusive. We propose to have a study apply sentiment labeling models to landmark definition. However, instead of seeking an umbrella definition for the in-tangible landmark, it may be more relevant to classify individual landmarks recursively, using a methodology that accounts for its subjectivity. A goal is to apply sentiment labeling models to the landmark definition.